Providing professional services to member countries, enterprises, institutions and individuals
Business department
Providing professional services to member countries, enterprises, institutions and members
Media Department
The News Media Agency is the official news agency of WDC, responsible for editing and delivering official reports on global data economy news. It also guides, promotes and finances the development of new media and hypermedia industries for members of various countries.
Industrial Development Department
In collaboration with world-renowned universities, research institutes and intelligent business enterprises, the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is committed to industrializing the achievements of data science and technology research and promoting the development of the world's data industry, taking advantage of the resource advantages of the United Nations Information Development Organization (UNIDO).
Laws and Regulations Department
Provide advisory services for WDC World Data Conference member states, enterprises and individuals in data economy development related to block chains, big data, artificial intelligence and other data science and technology related laws.
Testing and Certification Authority
Provide data interoperability guidelines for developers.

Licensing Authority
Provide consultation on licensing, business supervision and tax system for the member countries of the World Data Forum, and assist them in supervising and managing the data economy, digital industry and intelligent commerce.
Evaluation and Rating Agency
Official Intelligent Business Credit Rating Agencies conduct research on the global data industry and use a standardized evaluation system to evaluate and rate the assets of data enterprises, including digital assets.
Conference and Exhibition Department
All kinds of conferences and exhibitions will be held regularly all over the world. The most influential organizations and guests in the field of intelligent economy will be invited to build a world-class brand of data conference and exhibition.
International Standards Agency
o cooperate, guide, promote and finance the development of data technology and industrial standards with different international standards organizations. The international standards organizations cooperated by the International Standards Agency include ISO, ACM, ITU and IEEE.
Educational Development Department
United world-class universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, European University, Oxford University, Tsinghua University, Taiwan University and other universities, as well as major technology training institutions around the world jointly run schools to launch education and training courses for data technology developers, investors and potential participants.
Copyright   ©   2019 WORLD DATA CONFERENCE   All rights reserved
Copyright   ©   2019 WORLD DATA CONFERENCE   All rights reserved